Mobile Banking

Banking anywhere, anytime! Conveniently access your account from wherever life takes you!

  • Available for Apple and Android devices
  • Make Transfers
  • Pay Bills
  • Make Transfers
  • Apply for Loans
  • Set up Text Banking
    Deposit Checks with Mobile Device
  • Safe and Secure!



*There is a $10.00 fee to have your deposits posted early.

How to use Pay Anyone

**Pay Anyone is intended for sending money to family, friends, and people you are familiar with.  IRFCU will not be held liable or make refunds for payments made for the exchange of goods or services that are unlawful or not delivered as expected.

How does Pay Anyone work?

You simply log into your mobile app, follow the instructions above, and a notification with a link will be sent to your recipient via either an email or text message. This link prompts them to verify their identity by answering the security question you set up. The recipient must then input their account information to receive the funds.

Does the recipient have to be a member of IRFCU?

No, you can pay individuals who bank with other institutions.

Do I have to know the recipient’s account information?

No, you only need to know the recipients number or email address.

Is there a limit on how much I can send?

Yes, there is a max limit of $250.00/send with a daily limit of $1500.00

Can I stop the transfer?

You can cancel the transfer until it is accepted by the recipient. If you cancel the transfer, a notification will be sent to the recipient.

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