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Credit Cards

Empowering members to achieve their financial goals!

Convenient Access

IRFCU’s MasterCard Debit cards make accessing your money convenient and safe.

A Card That Fits Your Life

Use your IRFCU MasterCard Debit for nearly anything!

  • Everyday purchases online or in-store
  • Automated bill payments
  • Contactless payments via the Mobile Wallet

Important Numbers

Lost/Stolen Card: 1-833-933-1681

Audio PIN Change: 1-833-801-0375

More Great Features

  • Debit Card Round-Up
  • Instant Issue Cards
  • Debit Card Round-Up
  • Mobile Card Controls

Ready for your own card?

Visit or call your nearest branch.

Travel Notifications

When you use your debit card outside of your “normal area” it could be flagged as fraud and your card locked. If you are planning to travel, please contact the credit union to ensure you have uninterrupted access to your money!

Mobile Wallet

Don’t carry around a bulky wallet! Add your IRFCU Debit Card to your phones mobile wallet!

Touchless Pay

When using your mobile wallet, you can use touchless pay wherever you see the touchless icon! Gas pumps, stores, and more!

Safe Shopping

Your mobile wallet uses double encryption technology to hide your personal data, creating a safer shopping experience, even online!

Debit Card Round Up
Save With Every Swipe!

When you use your debit card, the transaction is rounded up to the nearest dollar, and the increased amount is then
transferred to the account of your choice!

The funds transferred to the account of your choice come from “rounding up” debit card purchases. These are funded by the member NOT the credit union.

The round up process is NOT posted immediately, on a per-transaction basis. The round up amount for ALL debit card transactions will be posted in a single transfer at the end of the day.

Example: If you go to Macy’s and spend $94.73, the transaction that posts to your account will be exactly $94.73, NOT $95.00. At the end of the day, that extra 27 cents (along with any other amounts calculated on other purchases throughout the day) will be transferred from your checking to your savings account (or account of your choice).

If the transaction is reversed, this will have NO effect on the transfer, even if the reversal was done the same day as the transaction. Funds are transferred only if they are available. Round up transfers will not cause the account to post to a negative balance nor post below available funds. There are no catch-up transfers.


Did you know that identity thieves stole over $1.9 billion in 2019?*
*2019 Consumer Sentinel Network Data book, Federal Trade Commission

Mastercard offers world class identity protection  to their cardholders.

Safety and security at no extra cost to you!

With your IRFCU debit Mastercard, you have access to Mastercards’ ID Theft Protection

What You Can Expect:

Identity Monitoring

Mastercards’ digital security experts comb through the internet’s deepest depths, searching for potentially damaging use of your personal data and accessing your risk level.


You will be alerted if suspicious activity is detected, giving you the opportunity to immediately take action to minimize any negative impact. Their experts will track personal information of your choosing such as your name, email address, social security number, date of birth, debit card numbers, etc.


If your identity has been compromised, security experts will assist you as you work through resolving the issues including submitting all information to the proper authorities on your behalf.

ATM Locations

199 North Main Street, Athens
1482 Golden Mile Road, Wysox
You can also find an ATM at Sopranos Italian Market located at 607 Cayuta Ave, Waverly NY 14892.
Click the link below for surcharge-free ATM locations!

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